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On the 6th September, leaders in the field of livestock genetics gathered at The Roslin Institute where they discussed the future of farming and the implications of Genome Engineering. A series of talks and panel discussion sessions examined the global scene and case studies from academia and industry, highlighting the opportunities and challenges in the field

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Vol 1 (2016): Genome Editing and the Future of Farming

1 0 2016

Conference held on 6th September 2016 at The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh.


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Table of Contents

Conference proceedings

Genome Editing and the Future of Farming meeting report PDF
Monica Hoyos-Flight, Emily Brady, Helen Sang, Bruce Whitelaw
Opportunities to improve health, production efficiency and sustainability through applied gene editing PDF
Jonathan E Lightner
Genome editing in poultry - opportunities and impacts PDF
Tim Doran, Arjun Challagulla, Caitlin Cooper, Mark Tizard, Kristie Jenkins
Genome editing to the rescue: sustainably feeding 10 billion global human population PDF
Bhanu P. Telugu, David M. Donovan, Mark Boggess, Randall S. Prather, James D. Murray, Jon M. Oatley, Robert Etches, Heiner Niemann, Timothy Doran, Götz Laible, Helen Sang, C. Bruce A. Whitelaw
Improving milk for human consumption through genetic engineering technologies PDF
Götz Laible, Stefan Wagner, Jingwei Wei, Marion Wright, Brigid Brophy, Cecilia DiGenova, Yanzhen Bi
Genome reference quality an essential resource in an age of genome editing PDF
Wesley C. Warren, David W. Burt
The Genetic Architecture of Economically Important Traits Provides Major Challenges for the Implementation of Gene Editing in Livestock PDF
Dirk Jan de Koning
Gene editing: Breeding or GMO? PDF
Alison Van Eenennaam
Genome editing in context PDF
Laura Bellingan, Tom Livermore
Genome editing: the promise and the politics PDF
Huw D. Jones