1 0 2016

Genome reference quality an essential resource in an age of genome editing

Wesley C. Warren, David W. Burt


With the recent exploration of how we may improve livestock production and meet growing demand for animal protein products using genome editing technology, we argue that exemplary genome references will be required to ensure that the proposed edits are specific and carefully evaluated for any potentially harmful side effects. We explore in this short review the status of existing genome references for the major food producing animals (cattle, chicken, pigs, goat and sheep) and summarise best practice for creating future higher quality genome references. Each will serve as a central conduit in the study of genetic manipulation outcomes, and provide a computational workflow for how the edited genome could be evaluated for no other unexpected base changes in the rest of the genome.

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.2218/natlinstbiosci.1.2016.1745


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